どこに住むか Where to live?




There are three things that will be concern when we think about “to live”.
Live in “What sort of house?”, “How?” and “Where”.
There is an architect whose name is Takamitsu Azuma.
His house is located in the center of Tokyo near Aoyama area, where there are not so many single houses due to the expensive land prices.
The lot area of it is 20sqm, the house is consist of 6 stories and each floor shape is almost exactly the same size as the land itself.
Once, Azuma lived in this house with his wife and daughter.
I’ve visited it before but it is far smaller than I assumed from the number of 20sqm.
Once he said, “Insufficiency of the life in the house can be rely on the city.”.
Going out for a lunch, go to cafe to read a book, etc…
And I think it let people out of their house and stimulates the social communication.
It will brings us a mutual delightful urban life
“Where to live?”, this is the first thing he decided, then he started to thinking the shape of the house, and how to live with it.
Currently, we live in the urban area. It brings us inconvenience in terms of the size of the space to live, but we can have joy to worth it.

Once we live in somewhere, we can change the shape of the house and the way we live, but It is not so easy to change where to live.
That is why, “where to live” is very important, and it is the fundamental fact that constitute architecture as architecture.

Photo: The view from our office at dusk.