灯台下暗し The darkest under the lamp post



We took a walk to the west which we haven’t been that much.
There was a very calm corner, very thin building, vending machine protected by iron bars which hardly imagine how to buy a drink, very narrow shopping street with cluster of tiny shops.
Also we found there is a hill we can overlook the city of Kobe at the center of a park which we rarely visit.
The trip was full of tiny surprises.
It was only within a 1.5km radius from our house and if we could take a walk at every street in the area, we could find more surprises if we took longer walk.
But would takes a certain amount of time if we actually do it.
All those streets and corners were created by people and people are living in them.
We convincing that we know neighborhood well but I guess the depth or the thickness of them are far deeper and thicker than we are assuming.

Photo: The thin building in our neighborhood.