ささやまカフェMAP Sasayama cafe MAP



We prepared a Cafe map of Sasayama city as a research for a cafe project we are planning.
Recently, Tamba-Sasayama area has been highlighted in several magazines and there are maps of the city plotting cafe with souvenir shops and local food restaurants.
But we haven’t seen a map plotting only cafe which make us feel comfortable.
That is why we prepared this map although this is a map plotting cafe we subjectively chose.
There is not always a prupose at the very beginning of the research, but we will get some discovery at the end of it.
Even though the objects you are researching are something you already knew, gathering the elements according to the topic you settled will leads you to grasp the special features or tendency of each objects.
The major thing we noticed after this research, is the farther you get away from the city center where a ruins of castle and a castle town exist, more unique personality will needed to the cafe.
Around the castle town, the town itself has a ability to attract sightseers, people will go to the cafe even though there is no unique personality. People will go those just for rest.
But the cafe located at the outside of the castle town has to have a unique character or a reason for the people to visit.
The cafe we are currently planning will also open at far away from the castle town, we also have to consider about it.
But at this project, we’d like to let local people come to the cafe for their everyday use which they can relax and communicate each other.
It is still going to be a long long journey to build it, we’d like to enjoy the process of it.